Intellectual Property is the driving force of a knowledge based economy

The IP Forum is a new platform that intends to trigger a dialogue among parties, experts and policymakers in the areas of copyright and industrial property.The main objective is to bring together policymakers and stakeholders from different industries and to reflect on the upcoming legislative and non legislative proposals of the European Commission that are of paramount importance for the competitiveness of the EU economy.The IP Forum has been set up by Marielle Gallo, member of the European Parliament (EPP,FR).

Our Conferences

By clicking on each icon you will find all relevant information on our conferences, including the program, venue and speakers. Before each conference two to three question will be addressed to our experts in order to fuel the debate. Each page will also contain the closing remarks of MEP Gallo.

    Making european copyright fit for purpose in the digital age: the next steps     
IP in the digital era  Online distribution of audiovisual and music works New trends on online advertising Making European copyright fit for purpose in the digital age: the next steps Collective Management of Copyright: The New Directive Private Copying Levies