Marielle Gallo policies

In the midst of an unprecedented economic and social crisis, the European Union must find the right answers and contribute to the creation of growth and jobs in the long run. A knowledge based economy is the key factor for Europe to remain competitive and ensure that all citizens have the potential to benefit from high value jobs.

Intellectual property finds itself at the very centre of the knowledge based economy. Just take the example of what we have witnessed in the information and communications technology sectors; smartphones and tablets have revolutionised the way we communicate, nowadays consumers have a bigger choice over products that are safer and better. This wouldn't have been possible without intellectual property rights that give incentives to companies and individuals to invest time and money to a new idea, to a new concept.

Moreover, the digital single market will contribute significantly to innovation and growth in the years to come. In other terms, the EU 2020 strategy must not come to a dead end. Therefore policymakers should enable inventors and creators to disseminate digitally their works throughout Europe and consumers to have access to a wide range of cultural content. The potential for the European economy is huge; but most importantly, facilitating the exchange of music, films, books, ideas, thoughts is conducive to a better understanding among different communities.

At the same time we have to be aware that creation has a price and that growth supposes that people pay for the goods and services they receive. We have also to be aware that due to the increasing digitalization of our industries, digital piracy will inevitably amount to an increasingly higher share of overall piracy in the years to come, while piracy of physical goods will decline for the same reason.

Our industrialized trade partners have already grasped this reality and have taken all necessary measures to protect effectively their companies from counterfeiting and piracy. These measures have been welcomed by trade unions. At the same time, through its trade policy the European Union participates internationally to the creation of an appropriate legal framework in order to enable our companies and their employees to benefit fully from globalization.

In a nutshell, my philosophy amounts to do whatever is needed for growth, job creation and cultural exchanges within the single market which is the driving force of the European Union. 


                                                                                                                      Marielle Gallo, Member of the European Parliament